We are Gaembla

We are an iGaming transformation tech company at the forefront of new developments and possibilities across the industry. We create and operate iGaming solutions that are powered by innovation and dedication.

Our Company Values

We base our business ethos on transparency, credibility, and accountability. These are the values we reinforce throughout our company and work to cultivate at every level of operation. We take responsibility and uphold these values as they are the bedrock for our continued success.


To be become a trendsetter in the iGaming Industry, through cutting edge innovations and a mobile focused unique experience for our customers.

About Us

We are GAEMBLA, a company that was created by a group of experts with vast knowledge and love for everything that is Gambling and Entertainment. Coming from a long history of international casino operations and software development along with a rich track record of successful ventures in many different verticals , we aim to take iGaming yet a little bit further. Key aspects for our ongoing success are ambitious targets, an efficient business-model and a well-defined strategy. With over 30 years of industry experience and an outstanding team of highly talented professionals , we ensure a strong position in every niche we enter.

Join Our Team

Our growing game tech presence springs directly from the minds and work ethic of a standout team. Recognising how crucial it is to attract and retain exceptional talent, we prioritise a work culture and employee experience that allows our team members to feel a sense of ownership and pride within the company. We’re committed to training and developing the best in the field—with groundbreaking projects and continual support.

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